The most popular songs from 1940-2017!!

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This is cool! Listen to snippets of the most popular songs** of each year from 1940 to 2017! There are 77 in total! Did you notice the shift in music in 1955 when Elvis Presley arrived on the scene…!? 

Here is the UK version for songs from 1952 to 2017!


Which songs are your favorite?

** “The song that was Billboard’s #1 single in America for the most consecutive weeks was deemed the most popular.”

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  • I enjoyed reading this blog Paul as I’m an avid music lover and there’s a lot of songs I love to hear.. i would say the wonderful energy within music is the same as seretonin that creates happiness within us as humans.. there’s an episode of your show playhouse where you say that when you play music or listen to it you can get things done in no time.. I remember that.. thanks so very much for sharing this beautiful blog! Have a great day! ???❤️♥️??

  • Helen Gircko

    It is wonderful! Thank you! Elvis is not even a shift, but a revolution … But forgive me, it’s all too modern for me – my addictions in pop music end with jazz 1935 (and it is dances, not songs)