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Archie McPhee brings all kinds of weird things to the world. This year they’ve introduced something REALLY WEIRD for the holidays… Clamdy Canes! Yes, candy canes that taste like clams!

Stock up now: They’re $4.95 for a box of six!

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  • Good morning Paul this is a wonderful blog very unique combination of both candy & well.. clams that are salty.. reminds me of clam chowder soup.. only this is clam flavored candy.. this is amazing indeed.. i send you beautiful energy, Love & Light, today & everyday.. may you have a fabulous day & weekend! ??♥️❤️???

  • Helen Gircko

    I’m dying of jealousy of Archie McPhee’s ideas. It’s so brilliant that I need a lot of sand to digest this thing. A little taste revolution, wow. Thank you, Pee-wee!!!

  • Helen Gircko

    If the candy retained ALL of the qualities inherent in clam it will be a hell of a funny Christmas

  • Leah Gold

    They’re a much better price directly from Archie McPhee and you’d be supporting a small business!

  • Log Moderator

    You may have missed that the link to Clamdy Canes goes directly to Archie McPhee.