A hummingbird feeder for your HAT!!

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Here’s a fashion statement that gives back!

Coppervine Feeders of Dubuque, Iowa makes HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS that clip onto HATS!! For just $13.95, you too can have hummingbirds eat just inches away from your face! The dream is alive!


  • Helen Gircko

    It will be very cool to walk in the middle of a swarm of thirsty hummingbirds … And the presence of live birds decorate the hat better than the standard feathers. Thank you, Pee-wee!!!

  • Good morning Paul this is a fantastic blog in dedication to the beloved creature, of the Bird.. they are beautiful they sing their gorgeous colors.. this blog made my morning the start of my day just amazing, thanks so very much for this blog! I send you Hugs & beautiful energy! ?♥️????❤️

  • RickyG

    Fruit please!

  • Interesting! I like the picture of that “A hummingbird feeder for your HAT” Funny!