LOOK! There’s a Han Solo in Carbonite INFLATABLE Halloween costume!!

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HALLOWEEN will be here soon! It’s time to start thinking about your costume… Here, I’ll help… why not be Han Solo frozen in Carbonite this year?

There’s already a costume for you! It’s INFLATABLE and is sold with a battery-powered fan, gloves, and a mask! $59.95.



Or you could go the homemade route…!

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  • A beautiful tribute to this lovely artist and also I’m so excited regarding Halloween & my love for autumn one of my favorite seasons that & winter.. (my 2 favorite seasons) the magical beautiful way that these 2 seasons especially Autumn, makes me feel.. just amazing. Thank you Paul for sharing this great blog, I send you beautiful energy, may you have a fantastic day!

  • Helen Gircko

    Well, it’s brilliant. The resemblance to a float or an air mattress gives this image even more beauty and tragedy, of course … Thanks, Pee-wee! I promise to think seriously about this option …