How to get a glass of lemonade… the REALLY long way!

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How bad do you want a glass of lemonade? Just how thirsty are you? Well, if you’re hanging out with the chain-reaction maestros at Sprice Machines, be prepared to wait for NINE MINUTES. Their Lemonade Machine will pour you a glass after it winds its way through an entire house AND backyard! 

Our first ever house wide machine project – The Lemonade Machine. This complex chain reaction travels through the kitchen, kid’s room, bathroom, office, parent’s room, living room, patio & backyard using everyday objects to automatically pour lemonade for the entire team of builders.

via Boing Boing

  • Helen Gircko

    Wow, how many beautiful fragments! A tumbling teapot is definitely my favorite (and in general utensil are used masterfully …) But nine minutes! This is already tends to infinity! I drank two glasses of water, before this video reached to the lemonade … Thank you, Pee-wee … this is certainly a masterpiece.

  • Wow Paul this wonderful blog reminds me of a beautiful dream I just awoke from.. thank you for sharing this lovely blog.. may you have a great day! I send you Hugs & love