There’s a GIANT CARROT BODY PILLOW that you probably need!

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I carrot about you… which is why I’m sharing this GIANT CARROT BODY PILLOW with you!

It ain’t no baby carrot!! It’s four feet long!

You can get one for yourself or someone you carrot about at Jumbo Jibbles for $100.

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  • Good morning Paul,
    What a wonderful blog on this beautiful Friday morning (it’s 6 A.M. here in Florida EST) I love these pillows I have one it’s a gray & white one.. very comforting indeed it helps with falling asleep as when you rest upon it, you tend to just drift off better.. thank you for sharing this carrot body pillow blog, May you have a wonderful day & weekend.. I send you Hugs & beautiful energy ???❤️?♥️?

  • Helen Gircko

    Thank you for caring … I mean, for carrots. This is definitely a necessary thing. I do not know how I lived without this pillow till now! Elegant! Very refreshing interior, by the way. Near this carrot we can feel like part of the salad….