For National Taco Day, here are some photos of what Taco Bell used to look like!!

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It’s National Taco Day… so I dug up some OLD photos and ads of Taco Bell (which was founded in 1962!).

Remember when Taco Bell used to look like THIS?!

(As you probably know, many former Taco Bells are now occupied by another kind of restaurant. but, you can’t fool us, the architecture remains the same!! Check out to see what I’m taco-ing about!)

And you got your tacos in groovy packaging like this?

Look at how cheap it was!

And here are some vintage Taco Bell commercials… do you remember these?





Happy National Taco Throwback Thursday!

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  • This is wonderful Paul. Good morning it’s
    6 A.M. here in Florida EST and am enjoying this amazing blog about Taco Bell.. I can remember in the 1980s & early 90s when Taco Bell in my area of Florida (south Florida particularly, when I used to live in Miami Florida) Taco Bell was all the rage then with the cool packaging etc.. thanks very much for sharing this vintage blog about a great place to eat my favorite Mexican pizza & cinnamon twists. You’ve made my day more brighter. I send you lots of love & Hugs May you have a beautiful day!

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh my god, how lovely it is …

  • Kelley M

    If anyone cares to read, the REAL history started here, right in my old hometown San Bernardino at the Mitla Cafe on Mt. Vernon:

    And Mr. Peewee, if you are a foodie like me, then you are my friend!