The countdown to Halloween is ON!

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Only 23 days till Halloween!! (See the countdown to Halloween clock on my homepage!)

This clip of Kermit giving Vincent Price a vampiric bite is from a 1977 episode of The Muppet Show!! And while it seems like it would have been aired around Halloween, it actually aired in January of 1977… the entire episode was made spooky simply because Price was the guest!

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  • Helen Gircko

    I adore this episode. It proves that vampirism is contagious and that Vincent Price is incomparable in the role of victim too. Thank you, Pee-wee, this is a wonderful thing. For false jaws too thanks. And we are watching the clock … so as not to miss the moment and use the teeth as intended…

  • I just love this blog in dedication to one of the greatest holiday, Halloween.. Paul you’ve made my day more beautiful. I send you Hugs, Love & beautiful energy.

  • Amanda Dushan

    Thank you for posting this, Paul! The Youtube clip gave me a chuckle. I love Vincent Price and “The Muppets”.