Candy corn pizza!

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Two of my favorite things: Candy corn and PIZZA! What could go wrong?!

Everything, according to Buzzfeed staffers Pablo Valdivia and Crystal Ro who heard about candy corn pizza and decided to make one for themselves… they weren’t impressed!

Crystal says, “No joke, my teeth hurt for a solid hour after just ONE bite. MESS.”

Pablo writes, “The pizza was MOIST, and tasted weirdly sour and expired, and that’s to no fault of the pizza itself. “

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photo by Crystal Ro

4 Responses to “Candy corn pizza!”

  1. laura valentina

    Dear Paul,
    Today’s a beautiful day as I’m feeling a lot better.. i know yesterday was just an emotional day for me because of the passing of a dear friend, who was also my Fiancé who passed away In February 7, 2014 and though his family never had a funeral for him I understand & accept that
    yes I’m still in healing mode and because there’s no funeral for my Fiancé I understand that I know there’s no closure that I can create closure by a beautiful ritual I once did for my patients that I cared for as a CNA, as some of my patients passed away it was closure for those who were living.. this ritual I did and will do as closure for myself of my fiancé death, is as follows.. you buy a balloon and then go outside in nature and let the balloon go to the sky and while that’s going on let go of the emotional pain and think they are in heaven happy whole again and well it’s a ritual of closure for anyone who may lost a beloved one that may not have had a funeral this ritual I done with my patients as I’m a CNA and will do now for the death of my fiancé creates closure for me to finally heal the emotional pain grieving and just move forward in my life once again..
    and to be happy in this life as life’s too short not to be happy..

    This is a wonderful blog Paul and since it’s Friday of all days I remember when I was in school there would be pizza parties on fridays a very special day to enjoy this and now it’s candy corn flavored this would add to the flavor making this pizza it’s luscious salty sweetness indeed.. a beautiful tribute to pizza lovers & well Halloween.. I’m an Avid lover of both Autumn & Winter seasons because of the way these seasons have me feeling, just amazing the weather change to a more cooler & just beautiful and magical way these seasons contribute to my life.. Paul thank you taking time to read this.. this blog is just beautiful it brightens my day! I send you lots of love and Hugs May you have a wonderful day & weekend

  2. Helen Gircko

    It is gratifying that this was not the fault of the pizza. Candy corn probably wanted to preserve their identity. But! If it was so awful, isn’t it the right food for Halloween? (And we know where to get reserve jaws…) Thanks for sharing, Pee-wee!

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