OH NOSE! A giant NOSE has gone MISSING!

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OH NOSE! A giant nose has gone missing from a family’s porch sometime this past Sunday in Portland, Oregon! Dun dun dunnnnnnn…

The Oregonian:

“We woke up this morning and the nose was gone,” Delia Albert said.

Delia Albert said her husband, who works for an advertising agency, rescued the nose out of the trash a year ago. It was a discarded prop from a photo shoot, though she wasn’t sure what campaign had used it.

Since last October, it’s been sitting on their front porch. The couple’s kids, ages 5, 7, and 11, were devastated at the loss of their nose.

“They burst into tears, super upset, couldn’t believe somebody would take something that didn’t belong to them,” Albert said. “We didn’t realize how attached they were to it. It really clearly brought them a lot of joy…”

Maybe Madam Ruby NOSE where to find it!

Do you nose where it is? Contact Delia Albert at deliavalbert@gmail.com with details!! That $6.27 could be YOURS!

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  • Helen Gircko

    Oh, it is impossible to read about it without tears! I
    send my sympathy to the owners, but I understand those who have
    committed the theft – it’s hard not to steal such a beautiful thing!
    P.S. However, I do not have confidence that the nose was really stolen. The
    classic literature describes a case where the nose ran away from the
    owner and became a high-ranking official (illustration is attached).
    I’m afraid this nose – considering its size – intends to run for Congress …
    P. P. S. I would like to know about the future fate of the nose. What a wonderful new plot! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2d9befe9136882c16a0c06093ae55c3da4c5d4fd300290af00eae245dbcad95.jpg

  • Helen Gircko

    We can also assume that the nose went to Figueres to visit the Dali Museum …

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    I send you beautiful energy & lots of Hugs & love.. May you have a fantastic day! ?♥️❤️????

  • Yikes.. Paul I pray that this Nose is found & brought back to the home that graciously loves & faithfully adores it.. I love the blog it’s beautiful.. I send you beautiful energy, love & Hugs.. have a wonderful day!

  • Kelly Brennan

    The loss of a nose is clearly a hard thing to FACE, and this smells of a nosenapping!
    What is a real loss, is not having these cool tshirts??? I want one!…10!
    Can the Peewee beachtowel/tshirt project be resurrected pleeeease! The art work is so amazing https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13be0b2c8e86ba7aa1a10706f62cbb2fe7b82533d04ff30cb4ed484b9d9a1afd.png