Pee-wee’s Big Halloween!!

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Step aside Michael Myers… there’s a new star of Halloween!! ME!!!!

Haha, just kidding! This is a parody trailer made by Funny or Die.

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  • coex23

    omg. that made my season!

  • Helen Gircko

    This is really horror … horror, gradually turned into a tantrum. Silver bullets and metal coat-hanger are powerless against you, Pee-wee! Bravo!

  • Thomas Elkins

    Now I want a real “Pee-Wee’s Big Halloween” film directed by Tim Burton.

  • Paul, this is a fabulous blog in celebration of all things Halloween & Pee-wee Herman.. it’s wonderful to see these 2 mesh together so beautifully.. and may I add both are gorgeous together just gorgeous.. I love it! Thank you Paul for making my evening just beautifully gorgeous.. I send you Love & Hugs..

    I send healing energy & love to those who aren’t well.. may you feel better immediately.. may all your dreams goals & desires become a reality immediately ? may good things & good people enter your life & May you enjoy & be filled with happiness.. Many blessings to you

    Laura Valentina & guide dog Rolf ?

  • Thomas Elkins

    I would love it if they made an actual Big Halloween movie directed by Tim Burton.

  • Dear Paul,
    I take this moment to say thank you for this particular blog, the parody video of you & halloween PW big Halloween it is amazing and your blogs always bring me lots of joy & happiness
    for making me smile as today I’m deeply saddened my first guide dog Yager was put down at the vet today (she was 13 years old that’s 80 years in dog years) and I understand she’s in a better place in heaven but my heart is just crying.. I know she’s a whole happy animal now.. but you know I’ll cherish the many beautiful memories & happiness she brought me.. right now I’m in tears hugging my 2nd guide dog Rolf (he is 5 years old that’s 35 in dog years) he’s very compassionate & it’s amazing how these service animals tune in on human emotion it’s great indeed.. well I send my ? thank you for taking the time to read this.. have a wonderful day ? and I send healing energy & love to those of their loss of a beloved Canine (dog) May the beautiful memories of them comfort you.. ???❤️♥️??

  • John Chenge

    Great blog Paul!

  • Dear Paul,
    Your blogs are wonderful as always!
    Today I’m feeling better as I’m not dwelling on the loss of my first guide dog yager I’ll always cherish the wonderful memories happiness & greater independence she brought me.. as she’s in Heaven, a better place and Rolf my 2nd guide dog is my rock very compassionate guide dog he’s my hero and Rolf & I are together now he’s a snuggler he’s amazing him & I are moving forward in life & enjoying our time together And that helps a lot.
    Laura Valentina & guide dog Rolf ?

  • Cherai T Leto

    Can’t wait to watch the movie ? where can I find the movie online? I love pee wee always did and will!