This United States map of song titles is SO COOL!

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I think you’re really going to like this! This retro map of the USA is made up of over 1000 song titles!! So, for example, KISS’ “Detroit Rock City” is placed on Detroit, Michigan… of course!

You can get the map (and others like it!) from UK studio Dorothy for ~$39.

LOOK… they even included “Deep in the Heart of Texas”…!

via Boing Boing

  • Good morning Paul,
    This is a beautiful colorful blog reminds me of when I was in school.. thank you for sharing this lovely blog you’ve made my morning just gorgeous & cheerful as it’s vivid colors of this blog are delightful. I send you beautiful energy 💜 & Hugs, have a wonderful day

  • Katie Templeton Mayr

    What an amazing idea! I studied cartography in college, and would love to have this one! I wonder if the artist plans to update his new songs come out or become known…

  • Helen Gircko

    Really cool! I am looking forward to a musical journey through America. To get to know a country well, need to hear it … Thank you very much, Pee-wee!