LOOK at this red and white GOWN made of 693 Netflix envelopes!!

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Christmas entertainment historian (what a neat job!) Joanna Wilson of Akron, Ohio has saved over 1500 of those red Netflix DVD envelopes!! She’s been collecting them since 2005!! 

Well, she told Netflix she hoped for a DVD envelope dress and they made it happen! So, with the help of fashion design student Alyssa Hertz they created a holiday gown with 693 of the water-resistant envelopes!! 

Just LOOK at this thing! It’s incredible! It was inspired by Rosemary Clooney’s winter gown from the 1954 movie White Christmas!

via Boing Boing

  • Helen Gircko

    Awesome! The idea is worthy of embodiment, and the embodiment is worthy of idea. Applause to all participants, including Netflix …. Red and white – a win-win option (blood and snow, wine and milk, ketchup and ice cream, rubies and diamonds, Netflix and…). Thanks for sharing, Pee-wee!

  • Very beautiful & inspirational blog Paul I love the colors reminds me of Alice & Wonderland where Alice goes to paint the white roses red.. thank you for sharing this artist work is amazing I send ♥️ Hugs & beautiful energy 💜🧡💛❤️♥️💙💚