• Good evening Paul,
    My DVR recorded all the episodes of playhouse & yesterday I watched a few so far as I mentioned in your previous blog I have the remastered special edition DVD of all 5 seasons anyways so it was just amazing to also have them on my DVR to watch anytime the Christmas special is my favorite as it’s done in all its beautiful decorations & special guests from Cher to Frankie Avalon I enjoyed my most favorite guest star Ms K.D. Lang she’s beautiful gorgeous & may I say, On Fire (I meant she’s very Hot) I loved the way the episode was in regards to all beliefs not just those who are Catholic but also Jewish because I believe that there’s an array of belief systems for us all as humans we are taught at a young age to believe in this or that but as we get older we tend to believe in what we will believe in as a belief system, as Adults.. thank you for creating such a beautiful amazing episode Paul, you’ve made my evening more special! Have a wonderful night.. 💜💛🧡❤️💙♥️💚

  • Helen Gircko

    Thank you, Pee-wee! It really was a lot of fun. Although, for various reasons, not everyone was able to join the marathon, but your “Twitter session” was carefully studied (on Thursday). And not once, because it is absolutely great….(Now need to learn all your tweets by rote). Thanks again!