Get’em while they’re hot: Pizza socks in a delivery box!!!

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I know what you’re thinking, “Dear Santa, I’ve been very very good this year AND I’m a pizza lover!! Please send Pizza Socks Box STAT!!”

“I want one order of Pepperoni…”

“And one all Veggie…”

“No, wait! I also want Hawaiian ’cause I love me some PINEAPPLE!!”

“And send slices to all my friends!!”

If you want these delivered (see what I did there?) by Christmas, order FAST!! These are coming all the way from the MegCyprianStore in Poland!! Boxes have 4 pairs of socks for $29.43 and slices have one pair for $11.76!


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  • Helen Gircko

    A wonderful session of reading pre-Christmas thoughts. (If Santa is working as pizza delivery man, he got a lot of work). Crazy witty idea, thanks, Pee-wee! I hope I’ll get them hot, because Poland is near … but if they cool off, I can reheat them with an iron. Thanks again!

  • Fabulous blog Paul. It’s during this time winter when its cold here in Florida I wear socks especially during cold nights I fall asleep warmer.. may you have a beautiful evening 💜💙🧡❤️♥️💚💛

  • Amanda Dushan

    Those are lovely looking socks. Though, if I wore them, I’ll probably crave for some actual pizza to eat.