LOOK at this AWESOME Fisher-Price A-Frame toy gingerbread house!!!

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Remember those Fisher-Price A-Frame dollhouses from the seventies? Well, it took over 20 hours for Alameda, California artists Jo Anne Yada and Michael Fleming to recreate one with gingerbread and candy clay!! Take a look at all the Little People! Those aren’t plastic… they made those too! With fondant!

This completely-edible gingerbread house was their entry for an annual shindig in the San Francisco Bay Area called the Mid-Century Supper Club Holiday Potluck. Guests of the party are judged on the vintage-inspired dishes they bring. Yada and Fleming’s fantastic A-Frame won the event’s People’s Choice Award!! With good reason… it’s retro-rific! 

Maybe they’ll make the Playhouse in gingerbread next year… HINT HINT!!

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  1. Helen Gircko

    Oh, these people know a lot about gingerbread houses. A delightful job! I even want to repeat … (With the diet, of course, is over, but this is such a trifle). Thank you, Pee-wee!

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