You have to check out Dreamscape Immersive in Los Angeles!!

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OMG, the best VR I have seen!!! Dreamscape Immersive! Just opened at Westfield Century City Mall Los Angeles! GO! DO NOT MISS! TRUST ME! I have seen A LOT of VR and this is way ahead of everybody else! They have three ‘adventures’: Alien Zoo (my favorite), The Blu (underwater!) and Magic Projector (step through a movie screen into the movie!). All 3 are staggering! I brought my buddy David Arquette and he hasn’t been the same since! Can a VIRTUAL PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE EXPERIENCE be far away?!?!?!! 

— Paul

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  • May I first add, Paul, you look fabulous in purple! (Purple and all shades of this lovely color are my favorite) My favorite of these 3 that you mentioned would be the magic projector. Thank you for making my evening special this blog is spectacular YAY! 💜💚❤️♥️💛🧡💙

  • Helen Gircko

    Thrice wow! Wow 1. (I am glad that technology does not lag behind human fantasy) Wow 2. (An impressive photo that fully conveys your impressions, sir) Wow 3. (The idea about virtual Pee-wee’s Playhouse impressive…very impressive….very, very impressive!
    Thanks for the useful information!
    And my congratulations to Mr. Arquette … not everyone manages to become different so quickly ….

  • Jennie H Spooner

    i want to goooooo

  • Amanda Dushan

    If I was near by, I would check it out!
    Speaking of VR, my young cousin got some VR glasses, I believe, last Christmas.

  • Dear Paul,
    Many blessings & happiness in 2019, to you & all reading this. I share with you my afternoon, listening to my favorite genre of music.. enjoy!

    Laura Valentina