It’s World Hypnotism Day!!

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LOOK into my eyes…

Why? Because it’s World Hypnotism Day!!

Full disclosure, I know a thing or two about hypnotism. I’ve done some hypnosis work before:

I found this cool puppet at a thrift store and named him Dr. Mondo. I used him to do hypnosis. I found out later that his real name was Hugo.

Hugo doll

art by silviaguimaraen

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  • Helen Gircko

    Very good! Two or three more such sessions of hypnose, and I will begin to write in English without translatоr. And also I will remember my previous births … or I will do something equally awful … Happy Hypnotism Day, Pee-wee! Love this scene in your show …

  • This is a wonderful blog Paul! I enjoyed the video as well I remember watching it before & it was fantastic! Thank you for sharing this amazing blog, may you & all reading this have a beautiful Year in 2019.

  • Pennie Crockitt

    Have you ever been hypnotized Pee-Wee???? If so, what happened?