New weird flavors of Peeps to try: Root Beer Float, Pancakes & Syrup, Cotton Candy and MORE!!

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Be still my heart! There are now ROOT BEER FLOAT-FLAVORED PEEPS! It’s like ice cream and root beer had a baby and it was a marshmallow chick!!

Oh yeah, there are also other new marshmallow chick flavors, like… Pancakes & Syrup!! Ok, sure, that makes sense!

And Cotton Candy — just look at that packaging! Makes me want to deep fry these things and pretend I’m at the county fair!

There are also special FILLED Peeps. You can get this Chocolate Caramel Swirl one at Target.

And DIPPED Peeps! Vanilla Creme is available at Target.

And Orange Sherbet is available at most stores!

Which one sounds gross, I mean good, to you? 

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