50 years of Sesame Street in 50 seconds

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2019 is Sesame Street’s 50th birthday!! To celebrate, they’ve been making cool videos like this one! It’s 50 YEARS of Sesame Street in 50 SECONDS!!

And this one!

Go to Sesame Street‘s YouTube page for more!

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  • Love this blog Paul.. I have the 20 years of Sesame Street (1969-1989) on DVD.. there’s a few segments of you on there as well (Pee-wee Alphabet & The Duckie, an various people and you singing about a Duck) wonderful memories as always Paul! Have a beautiful day. 💜💚❤️♥️💙💛

  • Helen Gircko

    Really very cool video! Happy anniversary, “Sesame Street”! Thanks for sharing, Pee-wee!