IKEA made a DIY chocolate bunny for Easter!!

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IKEA’s VÅRKÄNSLA is a milk-chocolate Easter bunny you assemble yourself! Just three pieces! No hex wrench required!

They sell it like their furniture — in a flat pack!

Available for $4.29.

via Rusty’s Electric Dreams

  • Teddy is a dear.

    Cute, clever, and perfect for Ikea. I am so glad we have you looking out for us, PeeWee!

  • I love this blog Paul! As an avid lover of chocolate this is a wonderful tribute to Easter indeed, & for those who love chocolate. May you & all else reading this have a beautiful day & weekend

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh yeah! This radically changes the concept of chocolate bunnies. Elegant version. And comfortable! In short, it very similar to the furniture…(I hope it tastes like chocolate after all…) Thanks, Pee-wee!

  • Vexed Lobster, Mr Canoehead

    Don’t tell Emo Phillips.