Paul Reubens heading to Phoenix Fan Fusion in Arizona!!

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Hey Arizona! Guess who’ll be at Phoenix Fan Fusion at the end of May?!?!?! PAUL REUBENS!! Two days only!

Here’s where you can find him, on Saturday and Sunday only:

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  • This is fabulous I’m sure those going to this lovely event will be very happy to meet you.. I for one would like to say, to you, Paul, it was a great pleasure meeting you last year (May 2018) at MegaCon Orlando Florida! You made my day more magical & indeed special! May you have a wonderful day! 💜💚❤️🧡💙💛♥️

  • Helen Gircko

    Cool! Terribly envy cacti and people of Arizona ….

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    Sooo jealous! Please come to Chicago!!

  • Dear Paul,
    Just wanted to take the time to say, for many years now, when reading your beautiful blogs I feel apart of something special, maybe the Pee-wee/Paul Universe. They (blogs) truly make my day wonderful indeed and I’m glad to be apart of your amazing place here.. I’m sure there are lots of wonderful people who would just love to see you at any convention, even in Florida again particularly Tampa and Orlando Florida, and as for myself it would be a great Honor to see you again because Paul you are truly amazing!
    Laura Valentina

  • Sandra

    Hey, where’s the “just so-so” symbol? 😚 (You couldn’t possible be THAT scared of opinions?) I have a pencil portrait I wish to send but don’t have an address What are you protecting your tweets from, abduction??? **Lol* Have a super rest of week. Love ~ Sandy.

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    Just got a tattoo inspired by you and the playhouse! It was done by Lucas Reubelt of Black Devil Tattoo who specializes in 80s style pop culture collage style tattoos. Feel free to share. ❤ Living Dead Girl Nicole

  • Log Moderator

    You’ve earned a spot in Pee-wee’s online Tattoo Gallery!

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    Yay!! Now I am in this gallery and my artwork is in the other!! Hope to one day show you both in person one day!

  • Amanda Dushan

    I’m so happy for the people, in Arizona. They’re going to meet an amazing and kind person.

  • John Chenge

    New it! I’ll have to fly an airplane from Boston to Phoenix but it’ll be worth it. I also see that you went to Boston MA in August 2018 but too bad I did not notice until now.

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    I see you are also coming to Horrorhound in Indy in September! Just booked our room! We are going to make the trip to finally meet you. I can’t wait to give you my artwork and show you my tattoo… and take a picture because it will last longer!!! EEEK!

  • John Chenge

    And hopefully our flight won’t be cancelled or delayed and my friend CandyT is coming too with me.

  • John this is wonderful I’m so glad Candy (Turner- Candy T) will be joining you so you both get to meet Paul, who’s an amazing guy! He really is, as I met him in May 2018 last years MegaCon in Orlando Florida it was truly an amazing experience! I’m happy for you both. I look forward to the pictures if any..

  • Dear Paul,

    Me & my guide dog Rolf would love to go to this convention in Phoenix Arizona to meet you again… gosh if I only had Jambi’s Magic Carpet the one in the many playhouse episodes in the connect the dots segment… me & Rolf would fly there (by magic carpet) in no time.. I know this is the first convention post of 2019 of Your appearances there’s bound to be more convention appearances throughout this year, as there were last year..