Available soon: Quilted Northern Luxury toilet paper!

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Quilted Northern has created a novel new way to flush money down the toilet — with luxury toilet paper (sorry, “bath tissue”!) !! It’s called Quilted Northern Luxury and it’s fancy!

What makes it luxurious?

WELL… For one, it’s got four layers. Most toilet paper is just one- or two-ply — four-ply paper is serious business!

Also, one roll is the size of FOUR regular rolls…!

In other words, it’s ENORMOUS! 

It’s not quite available for sale yet but, when it is, it will cost $8.99 for six MEGA rolls! I hope it ships with a bar of gold!

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  • Helen Gircko

    While this wonderful thing come out and (probably) is preparing to conquer world markets, I am creating an instruction for its future happy owner.
    1. Save on everything, even on the essentials, but buy this bath tissue.
    2. Install in the toilet room door of a large bank safe.
    3. Order a special design project of the bathroom and toilet (near the place where the roll will hang, make a special alarm and lighting, as near the paintings in the museum).
    4. Fall asleep and wake up with the thought of this bath tissue …
    5. In case of fire: this bath tissue is the first thing to be saved.
    6. Use as intended only on major holidays (or before / after important ceremonies: obtaining a scientific degree, weddings, visits to the Opera, etc.). With proper savings this thing will last for a long time. And when it ends, see paragraph .1
    7.Thanks for sharing, Pee-wee!

  • Paul, This blog is amazing! Glad to see that this will finally be of most comfort now.. Gosh! it only took years and years to now exist my thoughts exactly on what you said regarding this had be sold with a bar of gold.. expensive yes but if you buy this & like it then it was worth spending the money firsthand.. otherwise you’ll not know if you even like if not having bought it & saw for yourself how it works with you I understand as humans we have different systems & allergies to different things.. but mostly this type of product is usually made to not make anyone go into Hives.. well this is just wonderful blog I’ll be looking out for this product and may write my own review on it.. thank you again Paul you’ve made my evening beautiful, have a great night