Pickle Splits, this new kind of ice cream sundae is a big dill!

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In Jefferson County, Missouri, a new kind of ice cream treat is kind of a big dill! Desoto’s Pine Mountain Country Coffee House has started serving Pickle Splits, ice cream sundaes that use halved pickles instead of bananas!


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  • Helen Gircko

    I sob, because … 1. This is the most appropriate flavor combination in the world … 2. I didn’t invent it (what a pity!) 3. I can’t come to Missouri right now. 4. I will have to recreate this dessert at home …
    P. S. I can’t stop crying. This is too beautiful … Thank you very much, Pee-wee!

  • Paul For some this is their most great food they enjoy.. for others well not so much… either way this blog is wacky & colorful just like your show playhouse.. thank you for sharing this may you have a beautiful evening 💜🧡❤️💙♥️💚💜