Charmin made this MASSIVE toilet paper roll for people who live alone!

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Ok, this is a weird one. Charmin’s Forever Roll is a big new toilet paper roll designed for “millennials and aging consumers who live alone and have limited storage space,” according to Business Insider. It’s three times the size of a regular roll and should last a whole month in a single-person household! That’s A LOT of toilet paper!

You even need a special standup holder just to be able to have it in your bathroom! What? Crazy! Look!

$30 gets you the special standing holder and three ENORMOUS rolls of toilet paper!

More importantly though, WWMWS? (What would Mr. Whipple say?)

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  • Helen Gircko

    It is also suitable for those who do not like to waste time on trifles. And for those who are too lazy to change standard rolls. And for my cat. The cat will be absolutely happy! ( there are a lot of beautiful paper snippets all over the apartment). Thank you, Pee-wee!

  • Wowzers!