I don’t remember being in Jurassic Park!

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But the proof is in the pudding, I guess!!

3 Responses to “I don’t remember being in Jurassic Park!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    Well, judging by this video, someone again fell off the his bike – that’s why someone don’t remember this events.
    But the Jurassic Park probably remembered you for the life, and I understand why: Tyrannosaurs are not as spectacular as you, Pee-wee… ( this is not a compliment, but a harsh truth. As always…) Thanks!

  2. laura valentina

    Love the blog Paul. Well… the common denominator of your film Big Adventure & Jurasik Park are the Dinosaurs, Bicycles & just good humor of strange events 💜❤️💙♥️💚 May you have a wonderful day!

  3. Living Dead Girl Nicole

    Due to my love of all things Pee Wee multiple people sent me this. I watched it over and over again. Too funny.

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