LOOK: EDIBLE chocolate footwear! For Chocolate Day!

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Ever want to EAT a SHOE?

Better make it a CHOCOLATE one!!

Men’s dress shoes in chocolate. Yes, in REAL chocolate ($259)

Chocolate High Heels by Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory ($34)

Life-size Chocolate High Heel by Li-Lac ($46)

Leopard Print Chocolate High Heel by The Chocolate Fetish ($34.95)

Chocolate Stiletto by the Chocolate Pizza Company ($29.95)


The Chocolate PIZZA Company…?!?! Forget chocolate SHOES… there’s chocolate PIZZA!

You’re welcome… ($25.95)


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  • Helen Gircko

    Glazed shoes instead of lacquered? Chocolate – the new leather? Now I understand the meaning of the old-fashioned expression “lay myself at your feet” or “to throw oneself at feet”… “to throw oneself at shoes”, more precisely? Becouse these shoes deserve worship …
    ..And pizza continues to change the suit, while remaining itself. Nicely. Happy Сhocolate Day!
    Thank you very much, Pee-wee!