Paul Reubens is (no longer) headed to Monroeville, Pennsylvania for Steel City Comic Con in early August!!

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Wow!! I sure am very sorry I have to cancel coming to Pittsburgh! I don’t take having to cancel lightly and I am definitely aware that some fans have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to meet me in Monroeville at Steel City Con. I have been looking forward to seeing you all there for months!! Please know my devotion to my fans is intense and I am sad I won’t be seeing you all at this time. I really enjoy interacting with my fans and getting to hear from you and take photos. Honest!. I will plan on making it soon! Please accept my deepest and heartfelt apology!

Your pal, Paul Reubens (and Pee-wee Herman)
July 29, 2019

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  • Awesome!

  • Helen Gircko

    I cry with envy to the visitors of this event, but thanks for the info!

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    I hope you are ok Paul/Pee Wee and this was just a scheduling issue. I am looking forward to traveling to Indy in September to meet you.

  • Helen Gircko

    Terribly sorry. I hope you are ok…

  • Larry S

    will you have another PA appearance since you cancelled this one ?