Indiana, Paul Reubens is (no longer) headed to Horrorhound Weekend in September!

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UPDATE 8/12/2019:

Indianapolis — wow, I am so sorry, I’m not able to attend Horrorhound Weekend in September after all. 

I absolutely don’t take having to cancel lightly and I am definitely aware that some fans have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to meet me in Indianapolis. I have seriously been looking forward to seeing you all there for months!!  I’ve never been to Indianapolis!

Please know my devotion to my fans is intense and I am sad I won’t be seeing all of you at this time. I really enjoy interacting with you and getting to hear about you and taking photos together. Honest!. I will plan on getting to Indianapolis next year! Please, please, PLEASE accept my deepest and heartfelt apologies!

Your pal,
Paul Reubens (and Pee-wee Herman)
P.S. I’m totally fine, please don’t worry!

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9 Responses to “Indiana, Paul Reubens is (no longer) headed to Horrorhound Weekend in September!”

  1. Living Dead Girl Nicole

    We are traveling from Illinois to this con just to meet you! Got our room booked, tickets and photo op purchased! I can’t wait to give you my artwork that you inspired and show you my playhouse tattoo in person. Dream come true! Counting down the days!

  2. Rach D.

    I’m going to Indy this September as well on Saturday! I can’t wait to give him the things that I made for him! Soo excited that my dream is gonna come true 😆💓❤️!

  3. Living Dead Girl Nicole

    I am so devastated. We literally were only traveling to Indy to meet you and now we are stuck with these tickets ha ha. We will still go and enjoy the con but it won’t be the same with out you Paul/Pee Wee. You’re just that incredible and will be missed. I am just glad you are ok. That was my main concern. I have an idea though! If whatever is causing these cancellation is resolved by November you should come to Days of the Dead in Chicago!!!! I am sure everyone that is going to miss seeing you in Indy would travel to see you in Chicago (sortof the opposite of what we were doing). Just a thought.

  4. Scott

    Very sorry to hear that Paul won’t be able to attend Horrohound in Indy this September. My daughter and I hope he is well and we’re very eager for a chance to meet him next time!

  5. Erin Lowe

    Hello💖 I’m heartbroken to hear of the cancellation of your appearance at Horrorhound Indianapolis. It was a moment/chance I had been waiting for (my whole life) since your Pee Wee’s playhouse special on HBO(not too mention your work with Cheech and Chong 😉) I hope you will sign on again with any one of the Horrorhounds (please please please) next year. You’ve given me so many laughs and wonderful memories and would love to give you a thank you hug in person. You’ve been such an influence on me(my father and I still go back and forth with lines from your movies and show). I just love you and hope to one day meet you. All my love–take care💗

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