This Cat Selfie bell attachment for your smartphone really knows how to get your cat’s attention!!!

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The Cat Selfie (£11.95/~$14.51) is a bell attachment for the top of your smartphone… just clip it on to get your cat’s undivided attention for that great selfie shot!! Purrfect…! 

Your kitty companion will be purring ‘n’ posing at one sight of the hanging bell – and the rest is Instagram history.

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  • Helen Gircko

    Cool. A bit like the principle of the teleprompter. All is well if the cat does not start the hunt for this thing … and does not jump at that very moment. Attentive ( too attentive!) gaze makes me think about it …
    Thank you, Pee-wee, we will try to get ahead of each other with my cat (I think it will be a terrible selfie in the spirit of the “Black Cat”. Although another result is possible – he will just get bored to watch and he fall asleep).