FaceTime some eels because they are FORGETTING THAT HUMANS EXIST!!

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The garden eels at Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium are sensitive and need regular health checks. The problem is, with the aquarium closed for the COVID-19 situation, they are forgetting that humans exist and when the keepers come around, they HIDE! So, From May 3 to 5, there will be five tablets pointed inside their tank and people from all around the world are being asked to FaceTime the eels!   

Here’s how (translated from the aquarium’s Japanese site):

1) Open the app from the iPhone or iPad, please take a video call by entering the following one of the gmail address to the destination…
2) After the beginning of the tablet terminal and a video call that was placed before the aquarium, to the spotted garden eel Shake or call while showing your face. Please refrain cry loudly ※.
3) terminal to be installed is five. When you can see your face for about 5 minutes, hang up the call for the next person. The “Facetime”: is a video call app, which is standard on Apple products.

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