RIP Little Richard, you were truly one of a kind!!

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I LOVED Little Richard! What a force of nature. One of my earliest memories of seeing someone who was like nobody else. To say he was the truest of the true originals doesn’t even come close to describing his non-conformity and style.

And all that is before adding in his music. And influence.

I have so many vivid memories from the very few amazing times I was privileged to be in his presence. At the premiere of Purple Rain, he was running around yelling “I am Prince! I’m Prince.” And that was certainly arguable. When he agreed to be a guest on my Christmas special,  I felt like the luckiest person in the world. I felt like that to have known him even a tiny bit.

Love to you in Heaven, Richard. And to your family here on earth. Rest In Peace.


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  1. PG-13

    PW, the Purple Rain premier story is my new favorite Little Richard story. Thanks for that, what a nice post.

  2. Aldo Maddox

    He was so far ahead of his time that his original version of Long Tall Sally is still harder and more in-your-face than most of modern day music. Listen to it again with the volume turned way up, it’s edgy and it’s 64 years old He was a crossover at a time when people didn’t know what a crossover was. Gonna have some fun, tonight, woo!!!!!

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