Giant tap-dancing noses!!

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BOOGIE DOWN: Enjoy the tap-dancing stylings of these GIANT NOSES!!!

That video is from a 2016 production of Dmitry Shostakovich‘s The Nose but the opera itself is much older, first debuting in 1929:

Shostakovich was only 20 when he began writing The Nose, his operatic debut. He turned to a tiny short story by Gogol: an absurdist satire, where a civil servant’s errant nose launches its owner on a ludicrous battle against both nose and the authorities, as bureaucratic processes break down in the face of so unusual a problem. Gogol’s surrealist fable fired Shostakovich’s imagination, and he responded with a work of exuberant energy, full of musical jokes and grotesque parody…

via Neatorama, TKSST

  • Helen Gircko

    Um! In the original source, Nose goes to the Kazan Cathedral, but if he escapes to THESE dances, then Major Kovalev (the hero of the story) can never return him. Nevermore! Thank you for sharing!