My longtime-close friend Judy of FOOD restaurant in L.A. needs your help!!

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This is a post from a month ago about my longtime friend Judy’s restaurant. I’m posting it again, with an update.

Thank you to all the fantastic people who stopped in to my pal’s restaurant and either dropped my name, or told them “Large Marge sent me.” They got a very big kick out of that there. People came from all over Los Angeles and nearby and I am deeply appreciative of that. Someone from Arizona even sent a letter to the restaurant with some CASH! I consider myself very lucky to have such beautiful fans, friends and acquaintances. Seriously, thank you!


Before I became the international star you know and love today, all my jobs were in restaurant kitchens! I liked it back there because I wouldn’t have to interact with customers complaining about the food or the service.

When I was just starting out in show business, I worked in the kitchen of a Hollywood restaurant called ‘Judy, Judy, Judy.’ It was named after my now-longtime-close friend — one guess what her name is — yep, JUDY! Back then, I lived in her parent’s guest house and her family became my family-away-from-my-own-family.

She still owns a restaurant and, like many other businesses across the country, hers has been severely affected by the pandemic. In fact, there’s a danger that she’ll have to close permanently!

This is where you come in. She asked me if I’d spread the word to people in Los Angeles who like delicious food, YOU!! In fact, that’s the name of her restaurant now: ‘FOOD’! They are open 7 days a week, offer outdoor dining, and have fantastic take-out salads of all kinds. Tell’em “‘Large Marge sent me!’ when you order so she knows *I* sent you! LA peeps, THANK YOU for checking it out and helping my good friend keep her business:


10571 Pico Blvd