Look at this Glass Gem rainbow corn!!

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“There are thousands and thousands of uses for corn, all of which I will tell you about right now.”

Check THIS out!! This brightly-colored ear of “calico corn” is not only real but also EDIBLE! The kernels look like jellybeans or candy, don’t they? It’s a rare strain of corn called Glass Gem and you can grow your own with seeds from Etsy seller Sherwood Seeds! I mean, not THIS year, but definitely for next year!

Extremely rare, this unique strain of flint corn was developed by Carl Barnes, who, before his passing, gave these seeds to friends who shared his passion in gardening.

These seeds come directly from our small farm here in Fallsington, PA. We have been growing and breeding corn varieties for years and it has been a pleasure to work with Glass Gem. We have worked to improve the glassiness and color variation in this variety and can now boast 3 different strains including the Glass Gem, Rubies/Amber and Pearls/Sapphires.

Glass Gem is a flint corn which can be made into a decent popcorn or ground into flour. We think it’s so beautiful to simply look at.

Fun fact: Carl “White Eagle” Barnes developed the Glass Gem variety, a half-Cherokee, half-Irish-Scottish farmer in Oklahoma who had a real passion for native seed-keeping!! He passed in 2016 but left quite the legacy in seeds!

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