Bob Baker Marionette Theater needs YOUR help!! Keep imagination alive!!

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Bob Baker Marionette Theater needs YOUR help! This absolutely magical place is in danger of closing FOREVER! We can’t let this happen!! Help #keepimaginationalive by donating, PLEASE!! (Also, don’t miss their Peek-a-Boo Stroll Winterland!!)

From the theater:

It’s been nearly one year since BBMT’s Grand Opening in Highland Park, and maintaining our puppet’s home in this building is CRITICAL. Anyone that has stepped into the magical world of Bob Baker has felt the layers of care and creativity that encompass every aspect of our operations, and the potential loss of our beautiful Theater home is heartbreaking.

It was with the help of hundreds of volunteers and a dedicated core team of Bob Baker staff and puppeteers that this empty building at 4949 York Blvd was transformed into a world of whimsy in record time. And it is with dedicated help from our community that we will be able to rise from the devastation and dark days of Covid.

With every donation, Peek-a-Boo Stroll Thru ticket, Patreon subscription, merch purchase, and road show booking, you make it possible for BBMT to #KeepImaginationAlive in all of its forms. We are in the process of tallying donations and will look forward to updating you all very soon ❤️