“Porky Pig” sings “Blue Christmas”

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On this sixth day of Christmas, I offer you this gem! “Blue Christmas” by Seymour Swine and the Squeelers!


That’s right. It’s NOT Mel Blanc! This was recorded in 1985. Here’s its story from TopshelfTom:

The vocalist on this recording is none other than Dennis (Denny) Brownlee. The recording started with two DJ’s named John Boy and Billy. John suggested Denny record a Christmas song, and they decided to record Denny singing in the style of Porky Pig. After the record started getting airplay locally, it took off and sold a few thousand copies. Fast forward almost 3 decades and the song is both revered and hated all over the internet. Most versions of the recording found online chop off the introduction and speed the recording up considerably. Here, at the proper original speed, is the original full recording of Blue Christmas, as released by Seymour Swine And The Squeelers.