Can you dig this psychedelic coffee ad from 1968?

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Good strong coffee is the greatest drug of all, at least according to this power-packed psychedelic cinema promo film shot in swinging 1968. Energetic young hipsters in the latest fashions fuel up on doses of the hot black stuff to keep themselves going while they freak out at a London nightspot. Later, they use it to wake themselves up again before getting it on in a Thames-side flat by dawn’s early light.

Little is known about this kaleidoscopic cinema short advocating the use of coffee as a stimulant, other than that it was produced by advertising agency Battey, Barton, Durstine and Osborne. Intriguingly, it does not promote a specific brand of coffee.

This video is part of the Orphan Works collection. When the rights-holder for a film cannot be found, that film is classified as an Orphan Work.