These Jell-O molds are actually LAMPS!!!

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Artist Elrod holding the “Chipped Beef Aspic Lamp”

Elrod’s Mexakitsch art may look like dishes from another era but don’t try to eat them, because they’re really centerpieces that LIGHT UP!! She uses resin, glitter, and fake foods to create these absolutely stunning midcentury-inspired masterpieces!!

Take a look-see!

Chipped Beef Aspic Lamp

Lemon Lime Jell-O Lamp

Franks ‘n’ Veggies Aspic Lamp

Pistachio & Mint Holiday Ring Lamp

Fruit Cocktail Sunrise Salad Lamp

Spaghetti-Os Gelatin Table Lamp

There are more!! And she sells them!! Follow her on Instagram — STAT!

photos by Elrod, used with permission




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