Tuesday 2-22-22 is Twosday!!!!!!!!!!!

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2-22-22 is Twosday!! What’s the significance? I haven’t got a two!!


Today’s numerology energy is magnified by the 2-22-22, something that won’t occur again in your lifetime. 22 is considered a master builder number in astrology which means that key events in your life will usually begin or take place on this date.

The more a number repeats in astrology the more powerful it becomes so today’s date is especially intense and powerful. This magical date will bring you balance, trust, faith, and encouragement in your relationship and love life.

It’s a reminder from your angels to stand tall in your personal truths and that everything that is happening is for the highest good of all those involved.


In numerology, the 222 sequence of numbers are often referred to as Angel Numbers. Also, the number 2 in numerology references the energy of duality, partnership, relationship and balance. The key lessons when dealing with the number 2 are generally centered around compromise, acceptance, compassion, cooperation and harmony.

When 2 is in sequence like it is in 222, this energy is super-charged. There is a call to approach life with more compassion, to seek better balance, to work cooperatively with others, to seek partnership when you can and strive for harmony. 

When you think about the last almost 22 years, don’t so many of these themes ring true? This is especially profound when you think about 2020! There is no way we could have made it through the last two years without compassion and cooperation. So much of our world has changed, especially the ways in which we interact with others.