Pee-wee Forever!

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Earlier this year, sadly, we said goodbye to Paul Reubens.

Today, we want to introduce ourselves both as friends and as keepers of his incredible legacy. We’re the “Friends of Pee-wee” – a small team privileged to work closely with the talented man behind the red bow tie. Our mission? To ensure the magic of Pee-wee remains vibrant for future generations.

But this is a mission we can’t accomplish alone. We need YOU.

Help us keep Pee-wee’s spirit alive by sharing your favorite Pee-wee photos, videos, and stories. We’ve set up a form just for you, the dedicated loners and rebels.

❤️ Join us, and let’s celebrate Pee-wee together!

Tattoo art inspired by Chris Garver, as seen in “The Official Pee-wee Herman Fun Book” (2010)