Peeps, Peeps, & More PEEPS!! See Who Won the 2015 PEEPS Diorama Contest!!

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The Washington Post held its 9th annual PEEPS Diorama Contest and the WINNER has been announced!!

But, before I show you the WINNER, here’s a look at some of this year’s contenders!! All of them use marshmallow PEEPS candy, of course!


“The Assassination of Peepraham Lincoln” (the googly eyes are a nice touch)


“To Kill a Peepingbird” (look at Peep-y Scout in her HAM costume!)


“Peep City – the sweetest place on Earth!”

Here’s this year’s runner up. It’s called “PEEPing is Believing”


Here’s its description:

Blurry photos, shaky video, and reports of terrifying personal encounters leave many of us wondering whether cryptopeeps are real. You know them as Peepsquatch, Merpeep, Moth Peep, Peepacabra, Peepalope, and of course, the Peep Ness Monster. Millions study crytopeepology and travel to all corners of the globe, hoping to catch a peep of these mythical creatures.

The WINNER of the 2015 PEEPS diorama contest is “Peepalize it” by Michael Romanyshyn, Maria Fonseca, Rafael Fonseca, and Kristell Fonseca. It’s described as “a satirical take on the regulation of marijuana and Cuban cigars.”



I LOVE PEEPS ART!! Check out my Facebook album of PEEPS ART!!!

LOOK at this! In 2011, this PEEPS-covered jeep by John Gregory won 3rd prize in the Houston Art Car Parade!!! It’s Playhouse themed!


Try some PEEPS milk!! It really exists!!

Did you see the PEEPS Zamboni!?

Just Born Quality Confections Peeps Zamboni Peeps_06_630

Stock up on PEEPS now, EASTER is right around the corner!!

  • These are amazing.

  • laura valentina

    Very delicious and sugary blog in celebration of the Easter holiday! Wonderful Pee-wee!

  • Helen Gircko

    It is so delicious that it is impossible to write about it. Only silence melt with delight … What I’ll do in the next two or three days.

  • Diane Stanley

    I love these!!!!!

  • Deb Mitchell

    They should have had an entry “Hail to the Peeps (and VIPeeps)” but it probably would have been too Peep-litical 😛

  • Ameen Makanvand

    the amazing craftminship in those and the slightly politically incorrect intelligence of them somehow give me faith in society after all. Peace be with you Pee Wee

  • Jay Kay

    Peep-Wee Herman