LOOK! Tattoos inspired by Pee-wee’s Big Adventure!!!

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This week, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, I’ve already shared some never-before-public, behind-the-scenes photos, a clip from the film in FRENCH, some fan-made and international posters for the movie, AND some fan-made costumes inspired by the film!

NOW…I want to show you some TATTOOS inspired by Pee-wee’s Big Adventure!!

Tat_KB Tat_KS Tat_PW6 Tat_Teq Tat_ZF Tat_Teq Tat_IKnow

UPDATE: Here’s some ones that were just shared with me!

nicci mccarthy_tat tat_large marge july 2015 11822525_10100738758294712_3289747345764997544_n 11178212_10200947824213611_5478693070792441255_n 11828642_10153571248783856_4180165382941137787_n 11174915_1133656239984441_80380909745395130_n 11811368_10207325298880671_6772280428943848567_n 11779830_10207743197442379_424633423764359259_o 11828667_10206429394885243_1937179870460445305_n 10405579_10205881233524853_8197422798241999141_n 11063916_10204821203312786_216413163881737682_n

LOOK: I have a whole gallery of tattoos inspired by me, Pee-wee Herman!!

p.s. Don’t forget, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure is available on DVD!

p.s.s. My new film, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, will premiere on Netflix in March 2016!

  • Ian Seign

    I like this one…

  • Helen Gircko

    For THIS FILM can sacrifice part of the skin . Charming , absolutely delightful, compliments to all! ( The main thing is that some parts of the body were not shown – in anticipation of the March 2016 )

  • laura valentina

    Love the blog Paul! I share with you a few pictures of my Tattoo. I got this one April 2014. Thank you for being a beautiful inspiration to me through out the years and my Tattoo. Have a wonderful day!

  • GlassSpiider


  • GlassSpiider


  • Miss Kella

    So awesome !

  • Helen Gircko


  • laura valentina

    Thank you!

  • George Waikere

    Fresh off the bench

  • Jenna Robey

    Hi Pee-wee! Mine is Playhouse inspired, but I hope you like it all the same. It’s an illustration from a card in one of the old fun paks.. 45 things to do in the rain!