My ‘Most Favoritest Things,’ by Pee-wee Herman: Part 1

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I was inspired by Oprah’s Favorite Things to share some of MY Most Favoritest Things! Some are from my Gift-giving Guide, some I’ve featured on my blog before, and some are just NEW THINGS I want to share with you!!

Let’s start with the BIKE BUBBLER!!


Next up… Sandal socks! And, T. rex socks!

Sandal-Socks T. rex socks

Remember these Peanut butter and Jelly socks?!! They’re STILL really cool!


LOOK at this Digital Burrito Pouch!! It looks like a tortilla and you can stuff it full of phone cords, other cables, pencils, pens, and other small things. Just don’t try to add rice and beans!


Speaking of food…here’s a BAKED POTATO BEAN BAG with a BUTTER PAT PILLOW!


Speaking of butter, here’s a notePAD of BUTTER!!


There’s no shame in trimming the tree with the Cone Kitty Ornament!! And, there’s something MAGICAL about feeding the squirrels in your yard with this fancy Unicorn Squirrel Feeder!

cone-kitty-ornament  Unicorn-Squirrel-Feeder

Need a KISS? Try the MISTLETOE DRONE!! Using a remote control, you can call over the drone…


and then swoop in for a smooch! (Be sure to ask nicely for that kiss first!) 

Mistletoe-drone-by-Hammacher-Schlemmer-318 Mistletoe-drone-by-Hammacher-Schlemmer-318-2

LOOK at the PIZZA HOLIDAY SWEATSHIRT closely!! It’s so cool! PIZZZAAAAAA!!! (Also, ICYMI: I picked out a BUNCH of “horrible” Hanukkah sweaters.)


Decorate your own Ugly Christmas Sweater with this kit!


I just blogged about this one and I’m sharing it again because it’s AWESOME…the Shrimp neck pillow for travel!


Don’t forget about baby…


This View-Master is all grown up!! This is the View-Master VIRTUAL REALITY Starter Pack!! 

View-Master-VR-Starter-Pack View-Master-VR-Starter-Pack-LOOK

Here’s one of my most favoritest things of all…my newly remastered Christmas special!!



It’s now on iTunes!!!! LOOK:

Do YOU have some favorite things?? Share them in the comments!

WHAT…? I can’t hear you…! I’m TRYING to use the PHONE!


Part 2 of My Most Favoritest Things…next week!!

  • Helen Gircko

    Flying mistletoe – it is witty. About the other things I say when I get my ability to think again. Greed has gripped my soul! (Oh, and this butter … no, it’s not butter, I remember)

  • Guest54321

    mistletoe drone!! ear phone!!

  • Guest54321

    infant energy drinks!

  • Wren Manson Chime

    I simply must buy some of those T-rex socks!!! I’m thinking they’re going to be the social must of 2016!

  • Joel Becker

    Hold it up to your ear, not your rear.

  • Candy T

    I love the Bike Bubbler! Glad to hear this is only part 1 because I know you have a lot more favorite’s. This could continue til the end of time:) The mistletoe drone is epic! Can I have that kiss??? I asked nicely. Have a wonderful day.

  • laura valentina

    Paul I share this with you as its very heartfelt and on my list of favorite things!!

    I dedicate this to my beautiful Guide dog Rolf. He’s my Rock my companion my eyes my heart & soul I love him dearly!!

  • Susan Milton

    You find the best stuff Pee Wee!!

  • S.O.S3

    This is so nifty! I want the shrimp pillow LOL