EVEN MORE: Me, Pee-wee Herman, ‘Shopped into Vintage Postcards!!!

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Remember that time A. Pants ‘shopped me, Pee-wee Herman, into vintage postcards from “all over the America” as a way to countdown to my new movie??

WELL, she’s made MORE!!


PeeWee_Flight PeeWee_Alamo PeeWee_movienight PeeWee_BirdistheWord PeeWee_Artist PeeWee_GrandCanyon PeeWee_Hogs PeeWee_Iowa PeeWee_MarsPA PeeWee_QuakerOats PeeWee_Science PeeWee_Shoes PeeWee_Squirrel PeeWee_Sunny PeeWee_TreeOfMystery PeeWee_UpOver PeeWee_Yeti Penny Photo-Mar-10,-9-04-01-AM PeeWee_MilkMilk

Thank you AGAIN, A. Pants!!

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  • Frank Benvenuto

    Hilarious !!! I can’t wait to see the new movie !! Please do a screening and Q&A in Los Angeles !

  • Fantastic job A-Pants did! My hats off to them and You Mr Paul! Handsome as ever! ?????

  • guitarian

    My favorite is the last one.

  • lincolnlounger

    I would buy these.

  • Billy

    These are the best! I want to see more of Pee-wee at Disneyland.POTC ,Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World etc. Those would be great!

  • Annie Looysen

    OMG! I want to buy these and send them to my family and friends so they can remember to watch your new movie!

  • David Merlino

    COOL where DO I get them

  • David Merlino

    I can’t wait to see the movie IT looks so COOL

  • Helen Gircko

    I envy those who will see the first time. Very good! Very very very! But it surprises me how these postcards have existed before without you, Pee-wee ?!

  • mandy Mendoza

    paul all these pictures brings back alot of cherishable memories I love these pictures and you look so fine you never age you always look like your in your 20’s to me but I know that’s not true . I love you too much your my big time crush and fav. actor if it’s okay for me to say that

  • Corinne Escobar

    These are just beautiful, Paul! We are so excited about your movie.

  • Billy

    Pee- wee’s Big Holiday is amazing! Thank you Paul for everything!

  • Reese Allen

    Love em Pee Wee, and a birthday series would be nice too.

  • These postcards are awesome ?. I loved your movie! I hope you do another. Karen A./Opal

  • Mandy White

    Where can I order prints?❤️