6 Responses to “Photo: Filming the Snake Farm Scene in Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!”

  1. laura valentina

    Yes indeed yuk! I don’t like snakes either Paul as they’re creepy! Make my skin crawl. Love the blog though as I always enjoy them!! Have a beautiful day!! ?????????????

  2. mandy Mendoza

    I remember that scene in your movie I had watched your movie 3 times so far I really enjoy it it’s the best I would of been crying if I had came up to close to an snake like as close as you did in your movie but I would not scream I would be crying

  3. Helen Gircko

    Cute photo. Snake looks particularly good. The idyllic atmosphere and foreboding dramatic denouement. Regarding the last remark, I repeat once again – a very accurate observation.

  4. Kayla

    We went to a science center for my 21st birthday, and there was a reptile room. When I entered the room, this fake rattlesnake rattled, and I jump about 3 feet. On the way out, I did the same thing. I geuss you can see why I loved this scene in the movie.

  5. Honeythorn

    This looks like my neck of the woods of Palmdale or somewhere along the 395.

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