Vacuum Cleaner Shoes!!

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Move over Roomba*, because there’s a NEW vacuum cleaner in town!  And, they double as SHOES!

YES, vacuum cleaner SHOES!

And just look at how STYLISH these creepers are…! 


They are officially called Ecology Shoes and unfortunately they are not available to purchase. An employee of Denso, a Japanese auto firm, invented them as part of an internal company contest to make something innovative and creative.  A CNET correspondent spotted these prototype beauties at CES, the world’s largest consumer tech tradeshow. 

Thanks, Bonnie!

*Roomba is still the greatest!

  • Helen Gircko

    Come on, let they not for sale, the main thing that they are exists. And they are wonderful .. how many dust collects every step, ah …. thank you, Pee-wee, and…. (I probably agree with you about roomba, which has really unique charm.)

  • Amanda Dushan

    I hope we’ll be able to buy them, soon! They’re amazing!

  • Very Groovy blog Paul! Love it..

  • Patrick R. Mahoney

    But my cats would have a difficult time riding them around the house.

  • Linda Edwards

    Very unique. I liked you sharing this with us. It would be fun to try.