These Chickens Are Wearing Sweaters!!

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I didn’t know this but people make SWEATERS for their CHICKENS! From what I understand, chickens lose feathers during molting and can get cold (from, you know, FOWL weather). So, their human friends have started making sweaters so they stay warm.

Take a LOOK!


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This little number is made for little chickens (petite or bantam) by Shar Bunde of ChickenSnackShop. She says it’s for the “sophisticated chicken” who “likes fashion and enjoys going to town looking fashionable and chic.”

In other words, ALL CHICKENS.


It’s made of 100% cotton and it’s available for $24.99.

This one, made by Erin Langston of Whimsyof Willows, is for a hen and it’s more of a jumper than a full sweater. Besides keeping hens warmer, she says it also protects hens from “unruly roosters.”


It’s got real wood buttons and is available for $17.

Now, if your feathered friend is really into Harry Potter, be sure to check these sweaters! They sport the color and patch of each house.


Let’s look closer, shall we?



These fancy Harry Potter-inspired chicken sweaters are made by Angela Arnheim of the TheSparklyHead Etsy shop and are available for $35 each

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Here’s a turtleneck sweater!!

Turtleneck by bagsandmorebypam

This turtleneck sweater is made by Pamela Todd and sells for $16 on her Etsy shop, bagsandmorebypam.

Also, watch this! A woman and her mom make sweaters for rescued birds:

Can you imagine what kind of chicken sweaters THIS GUY could make??



  • Amanda Dushan

    I think one of my friends, from Twitter, would like this. She loves chickens. I love the “Harry Potter” themed sweaters.

  • Birds are natures most beautiful creatures, love the blog Paul! wishing you a fabulous day! 🦋

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh, how wonderful it is! Bogglingly stylish! The color of the feathers perfectly matches or contrasts with the color of clothing. Paris and Milan weeps with envy …. in addition, it is very humane idea, as well as – real declaration of decency (I mean the thesis about “unruly roosters”).
        And if the project will join Sam Barsky, it will be a revolution in the global fashion business. Thank you very much, Pee-wee, just a lot of ideas in my head now!