A portrait of ME, Pee-wee Herman, in toothbrushes, glitter, lightbulbs and MORE!

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LOOK at this portrait of me! It’s made with toothbrushes, glitter, nutrition facts, electronics, vintage beer pull tabs, and lightbulbs!!

It’s a brand new piece created by junk portrait artist Jason Mecier (the same guy who made Pencil-Vania!). He says he picked the toothbrushes because of THIS scene in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure:

And that he used the electronics and lightbulbs to match the grey in my suit!

All those nutrition facts were inspired by the breakfast scene in Big Adventure!

And red glitter was used to make my bowtie POP!! It’s truly Pop Art!


The portrait was made SPECIAL to include in Mecier’s new book, Pop Trash, and has NEVER been shown in public before. But it will be displayed for the VERY FIRST TIME at La Luz de Jesus Gallery starting on August 3. So, if you’re in the L.A. area, go to the book’s launch party on August 3 and tell’em Pee-wee sent ya!!

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  • A beautiful portrait indeed Paul! Love this! ?

    I take this moment to say, to all those who create Art, (artists) and all who appreciate it, many blessings to you! I enjoy creating Art its one of my passions in life.. and I say you’ve a gift of creating beautiful masterpieces, a talent very much.. keep up the great Art.. I share this beautiful sunset with you I captured with my camera, when I was out enjoying the beach.. the sunset is heart shaped.. ?

    Also Paul, it was a pleasure meeting you at Megacon, I’m glad I got to finally give you the painting I did of you on the beach with the birds during sunset..

    my inspiration for my Art, painting was the Funko toys the Japanese style, & the playhouse, Pteri the teridacktle and you, Paul in your amazing character of Pee-wee Herman..and my love of the beach, during sunset..

    Paul, I give you my permission if you want to, to add that here, to your gallery of Pee-wee Herman Art.. have a beautiful Friday & lovely weekend.


  • Helen Gircko

    Ah-ah-ah! The best work of art of all time. Absolutely brilliant, without impurities! But I need to think very much that to comprehend the whole globality of the idea …. I’ll write a little later. Thank you, Pee-wee!!!
    P.S. It’s better not to think much about a trip to LA, otherwise I will really come…

  • pacific707

    Jason creates amazing portraits of everyone! Pure genius…..