LOOK, it’s a Pizza Fork!

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From the inventor of the Pizza Pouch comes the PIZZA FORK which is a fork with a built-in pizza cutter!! You probably need one!! (???)

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3 Responses to “LOOK, it’s a Pizza Fork!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    Need more than one! For each hand! This will allow to follow exactly the advice of the inventor and fully focus on the pizza. Thanks for sharing, Pee-wee! (I hope this project will find mass support of all true pizza lovers).

  2. laura valentina

    I like this invention Paul, indeed. Thank you for sharing this lovely blog. May you have a beautiful day 💜💚❤️💛🧡💙♥️

  3. regularg0nz0

    Pizza…. Fork? These words have no place existing in the same sentence.

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